Boksmart_Placeholder_300x300The BokSmart National Rugby Safety Programme is a joint rugby safety initiative between the South African Rugby Union and the Chris Burger/Petro Jackson Players’ Fund.

The BokSmart programme’s primary goal is to lower the number of serious and catastrophic head, neck and spine injuries associated with the game of rugby union in South Africa, by implementing evidence-based and international best practice strategies on injury prevention, injury management, rugby safety and player performance.

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BokSmart Dates 2019

January 16 Basil Medway 17H00
January 16 Huttenpark Primary School 17H00
January 17 Woodburn Stadium (PMB) 17H00
January 23 Basil Medway 17H00
January 23 Huttenpark Primary School 17H00
January 24 Woodburn Stadium (PMB) 17H00
January 25 Kokstad Primary 17H00
February 6 Basil Medway 17H00
February 7 Dundee High School 17H00
February 7 Pionier High school (Vryheid) 17H00
February 7 Woodburn Stadium (PMB) 17H30
February 20 Basil Medway 17H30
February 21 Ladysmith High School 17H00
February 21 Woodburn Stadium (PMB) 17H00
February 21 Pionier Primary School (Volksrust) 17H00
March 1 Kearsney College 14H00
March 1 Piet Retief Rugby club 17H00
March 6 Basil Medway 17H00
March 7 Woodburn Stadium (PMB) 17H00
April 10 Basil Medway 17H00