The following rules are in affect for the 2018 tournament in addition to 2017’s edition
(KZNRU Rules & Regulations 2017):

Reversion: Knock Out Competition

  1. A player shall be promoted from one knockout competition to another, but may not be demoted from one knockout competition to a lower one, unless both teams are playing on the same day. A Club that has qualified for the Knockout competition may not use any players who have played the two previous league games in a higher division.This rule will not apply in the case of a player who has replaced a provincial player who has been involved in Provincial Commitments.
  2. Only players who have played three (3) League matches for a Club may represent the Club in a Knockout Competition. Sub – Unions and Presidents to assist in this regard.

The Procedures to be followed in respect of the Hollywoodbets Murray Cup

  1. In the event of both teams tied after 80 minutes,then extra 10 minutes each way shall be played ( extra time ).
  2. If the scores are still level after extra time then the team scoring the greater number of tries shall be determined the winner.
  3. If the try count does not determine a winner, then the match shall enter into a Sudden Death with the team scoring the first points, being declared the winner.


  1. No kicking outside of your own 22m for the first 10 minutes of each half;
  2. Tries scored under the poles do not require a conversion (automatic 7 points);
  3. Conversions must be taken within 30 seconds;
  4. One strategic break per half, meaning there will be four 20 minutes quarters to the game;
  5. Each squad will comprise of 25 players.